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“We Do Not Sell Financial Products”

About Us

By age 50, I had spent many years in the financial services industry and hadn’t realized how much of my sense of self worth and self image was tied up in my career and job title. When my employer carried out a major restructuring, I, like many co-workers, found myself unemployed. Initially, it was a shock but, for me, it became a devastating experience.

I had no exit strategy; no vision of where I wanted to take my life in the future. Slowly, over time, it occurred to me that I wasn’t alone. I came to realize that there were thousands of people struggling with the same issues and who, like me, had no idea how to cope with change and how to plan for life’s future transitions.

However, my “forced retirement” was not “life over”. Rather, I came to understand that it was an opportunity for a new beginning. Therefore, with the help of some very bright people I have created a program that will help individuals develop a vision for theirr future and identify very clear and realistic life goals for themselves.

Our mission now is to provide excellence and leadership in the field of lifestyle transition planning. We believe that no one cares more about your life than you do. We also believe that planning for and setting goals for the next stage of your life is a personal responsibility. Participants in our program have enthusiastically embraced our goal-setting process because it is well structured and simple to use – And it works!

Our objective is to help individuals prepare for those inevitable changes in life that we call transitions – including, but not limited to, the transition to retirement.

We combine technology with a self discovery process that, when completed, leaves individuals with a clearer vision of their lives and where they may want to go in the future.

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