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Online Program – Financial Realities

Often, the more you have your financial affairs in order, the more flexible you are in handling a major life transition. Therefore, financial planning is an important aspect of the Retirement Education & Lifestyle Transition Planning Program.

The first part of the program helps you determine your attitudes, skills and qualities that can either be transferred or modified as you make your transition. You will set some goals as you define your vision of the future. But once you’ve decided on where you want to go, and how you plan to get there, you need to know if you can pay your way.

The second part of the program allows you to take a fair, unbiased and factual look at the financial realities of the vision you are developing of your future. It creates a model, based on accurate or carefully estimated dollar amounts, and gives you a picture in graph form of what your bank account might look like in the future. The graph is produced from data you enter, such as:

  • your income, present and projected
  • your current living expenses
  • estimated major life events yet to come (such as that trip to Europe you want to take, or hosting your daughter’s wedding)
  • your pension dollars, including Canada Pension Plan and Old Age Security
  • your investments
  • any projected income, such as the expected sale of your house or an inheritance.

Does it sound overwhelming? Not sure how to arrive at all those figures? Don’t worry, because the program walks you through the process, step by step. And you can feel secure in the knowledge that none of this personal information will ever be connected to your real identity. Read our privacy policy to understand why.

The marvellous thing about the financial model you build is that if you don’t like the scenario you’ve created, with a few keystrokes, you can change it. You can try out different scenarios, entering different numbers, until you find the one that’s right for you. The purpose of this financial planning is to help you build a strategy for your transition which you can take to your financial planner for assistance in ensuring that you’ll have what you need for your future.

Take a look at how Bill and Barb used this program

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