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Facilitation of the Transition Process

The Retirement Education Program will assist employees in addressing key life issues such as:

  • How will I spend my time?
  • What do I really like to do?
  • What will keep me motivated?
  • How will I react to not having a career?
  • Is phased or semi-retirement a viable option for me?
  • How will my family be affected by my retirement?
  • Are my finances capable of supporting the lifestyle I want?

The program can be delivered through an introductory meeting(s) and follow-up workshop(s), using our seminar format. In addition this value added program is also available online in an E- Learning Format.

Spouses are encouraged to attend.

The purpose of the introductory meeting is to position our approach to lifestyle planning and why it is important to the transition process. This approach helps the employee to have a clear understanding of what the program ia all about.

In the workshop setting, employees will learn how to find the balance between their lifestyle vision and their financial reality.

Companies may wish to provide our Seminar Program on a one-on-one basis for specific employees rather than in a workshop setting.

Our tools for helping your employees take self responsibility

Lifestyle Transition Planning Manual

This manual will assist the employee in developing a vision of a new life structure for their future.

The Lifestyle Modeling Software ©

This is provided to every employee.  It is designed to help the employee find the balance between their lifestyle vision and their financial reality and to learn how to make lifestyle choices.

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