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"We Do Not Sell Financial Products"
Privacy Policy

We at The Retirement Education Centre Inc. (RECI) respect your right to privacy. Accordingly, we have designed the Retirement Education & Lifestyle Transition Planning Program (LTPP) to safeguard your personal and financial information, and prevent any connection between the facts and figures you enter and your true identity.

LTPP is designed solely as an educational tool for its participants, and the information that you, as a participant, provide will not be released to any person, organization or company under any circumstance. It will remain on the database of our service provider for the length of the contract with your company, after which time it will be deleted.

Your privacy is protected

There is no way to connect your real identity with your password or with the information stored at LTPP because:

  • RECI issues your company with a specific number of passwords, but is not privy to the names of the recipients of any of the passwords.
  • Your company issues you and your partner a password, but does not know the usernames you have chosen to register at LTPP.
  • You do not register with LTPP your name, e-mail address, mailing address, telephone number, or any other identifiable information.
  • You and your partner choose your own usernames (aliases) and register them with LTPP using the password you were issued by your company.
Important: You must remember your username.

Because you and your partner are the only people who know both your usernames and associated password, you must not forget your username. You can always go back to your company to retrieve your password, should you forget it, because your company will have a record of the password that was issued to you. But your company does not know your username, and no one at RECI knows your true identity, so the connection between your password and username is solely your responsibility.

If you forget your username, you will be required to register with a new username. It's as simple as that.