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The "NEW" Retirement

Recent Interviews

Download our recent interview with Plans and Trusts. A great interview that discusses the differences between the "old" retirement and the "new" retirement and how people should be planning for a life after work.

About Us

The Retirement Education Centre is an education, advocacy and research organization dedicated to helping you transition to the  “New” Retirement. Our mandate is to provide you, your employees and union members with the tools they need to help make the transition to the next stage of their lives. Through our workshops, the online program, modeling software, and other support material, we work with your employees to develop a clear vision of their future.

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"What we Do"

The Corporate Workshop

The corporate workshop is designed to be hosted on your premises or a suitable off-site location. The workshop provides a comfortable group setting to help your employees prepare for those inevitable changes in life that we call transitions.....

Executive One on One Coaching

The Executive one on one coaching program has been developed based upon client demand to provide our services as an executive benefit in organizations. The Executive program is sponsored by the employer and provides a discreet one on one environ..

The Online Program

The Retirement Education & Lifestyle Transition Planning Online Program is a self-paced educational program designed to help you prepare for your chosen transition. The online program, while based upon our successful workshop material..

Featured Whitepapers

Retire to something - Not from something Retire to something - Not from something
Lifestyle transition planning and retirement education teaches the difference between the concepts of the "old" and the "new" retirement.

Fiduciary Responsibility Fiduciary Responsibility
A one page article covering off the employers Fiduciary responsibility to employees.